The purpose of the NASPO Exchange is to build relationships among the supplier community and state governments, the largest consumers of goods and services in the country. This conference is a place where learning, networking, and partnering come together to develop business relationships to support public procurements that are effective, efficient, transparent, and fair.

Goal 1

Learn through dedicated and targeted education on current trends in state procurement.

Goal 2

 Network throughout the conference in One-on-One appointments, roundtables, and virtual lounges.

Goal 3

 Partner with suppliers and state government representatives to support effective public procurement outcomes.

In an effort to maximize the Exchange One-on-One experience for both suppliers and state procurement officials, only suppliers are invited to attend the 2021 NASPO Exchange.


APRIL 13-15, 2021


*Registration deadline is March 11, 2021!

State map will be updated as new states register for the conference!

Days to Go


This year’s Exchange promises to be another great opportunity for learning, networking and partnering between the state procurement and supplier communities to support effective public procurement outcomes.


NASPO believes mutual benefit is derived from collaboration between suppliers and members to improve public procurement practices through shared information. By bringing these parties together in a cooperative environment with the highest standards of ethics, NASPO can develop educational programs on procurement issues for its members and suppliers. A formal policy enacted and defined by NASPO’s Board of Directors states the following standards and expectations for supplier and member behavior at the NASPO Exchange.

  • NASPO members, as public employees directly or indirectly involved in the expenditure of public funds through the state procurement process, must always conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the highest ethical standards.

  • NASPO members shall at no time accept gifts, gratuities, or other things of value from suppliers, which might influence or appear to influence procurement decisions.

  • NASPO members attending Exchange shall commit to fulfilling all scheduled One-on-One appointments. Members are expected to participate fully in program elements for the purpose of fostering engagement and education of the supplier community.

  • Suppliers shall refrain from offering gifts, gratuities, or other items of value to NASPO members.

  • Suppliers shall refrain from contacting members in advance of, or during, the conference to arrange meetings outside the One-on-One system provided by NASPO.

  • Suppliers shall ensure they are familiar with, and abide by, the One-on-One rules and guidelines associated with the selected registration type.

  • Members and suppliers shall conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the highest ethical standards and avoids activities and behavior that would place, or even appear to place, a NASPO member in a conflict of interest.